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Ritzy's is now on Doordash!

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Ritzy's is Really Cooking!

Founded in 1980 as a nationwide chain, today the Ritzy’s brand lives on in 4 separate entities, all sharing the mid-century eatery theme! Our food comes straight from the diners of 1950’s USA with flat top seared beef burgers (the “Ritz”) and shoestring fries being the cornerstone of what makes us authentic!

At Ritzy’s of Owensboro, we make our ice cream by hand in store - you read that right! All of our fresh ingredients, which include never frozen beef, freshly chopped salads, and award winning shoe string fries, come together to make your mouth happy and your heart full! We are #reallycookin and hope you’ll visit us soon!

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You Can't Beat the


Never frozen beef, flattened and seared, and seasoned perfectly!
Our award winning shoestring fries, uniquely Ritzy's. Don’t forget the cheese sauce!
Our made by hand ice cream is sourced locally and comes together at our Frederica location!